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Will you ever understand the Zed?

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Ive been reading this forum since 2004 (though took me a while to subscribe!).


I've just about got to the point where I feel comfortable discussing engine problems and planning upgrades as regards turbos, flywheels etc.


But when you start considering other stuff like the suspension or brakes or transmission you get completely lost in the detail of all the things you can do to this car LOL


Its so complex you wonder whether you will ever fully understand the Zed!!



And by the way, which person actually DESIGNED all this in the first place? Which other cars has he designed since then (I would be interested to see his other ideas!)

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there wasnt a single designer involved, there were several teams both in america and Japan involved with the design of the Z32.


The Enthusiasts companion by Ray Hutton explains all this very nicely, quite sought after althoguh it comes up on ebay from time to time.


and also the Nissan 300zx and 350z - The Z car story by brian Long is also a cracking read.

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just takes time to learn, it does look a bit intimidating as there is no rooms to work and everything is close together. If you take it slow with the manual and understand what your doing then you will be fine and learn a lot more than if you just blindly follow the manual

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