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Thinking about a 350Z

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Seriously considering parting with my zed and opting for a Z33.

I just think the Z33 is more a daily car than mine and TBH mine is just not getting the use it deserves. Been out in her twice since last September.

I have said many times, that I would never part with my zed but with two small boys, who are now getting to the age where they need more and more of my time and attention, It's something I'm thinking about.

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Having been into one and then out of one back into a Z32 again, I would still say "go for it"... it's a completely different experience, but a good one.


At the time I was forced out of my 350z as I needed the money to start a business, now times are a little rosier again and could get another, I still like them but wouldn't swap back, I don't think.


I loved the quality feel and the overall modernity (which does show), plus the standard handling and braking which is superior to a standard Z32...


What I did miss however was 2 things:


1) The rush of turbo performance

2) The back seats...


The Z33 is a great car as a daily driver, and although plenty on here would disagree, I don't think the same can be said of Z32 - after all, the age is against us all sadly. Fuel economy not too bad on a long-run either.


Stangely, having 1 small boy is one reason I wouldn't buy another one, as he loves the 300 and the lack of back seats rules out going anywhere as a family.




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Steve, I currently own a Z33 having previously owned a Z32 (Which I loved) and I can honestly say that it is a great car.


The handling is awesome and it sticks to the road so well. The gearbox is great and although it hasn't got the turbo kick it's still fast enough.


I don't particularly rate the interior and the satnav cover is a complete joke, flimsy and feels like it was put together by a chimp. Also the left hand indicator hardly ever clicks off (common problem in most z33's)


Go for it though, they are great to drive and make an excellent reliable daily driver. Be aware of the road tax based on the new groupings though, it will cost you in the region of £400 /yr




Make sure you get the GT pack.

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Hey John-boy,


I didn't know you were back in a Z32 mate. Good on you. Hope all is well and the family are ok.



Sorry for hijack.


Hi Stu,


Good to hear from you, bud - yep, had a Z32 again for around a year - sadly, only get to use it rarely at the moment, but am thinking about either getting on and doing some jobs or re-considering the driveway space it takes up. Currently favouring the doing something about it :dance:


From memory, it's got a very similar spec to yours, but I have no Dyno readings or anything yet - do you?


Hope you're enjoying fatherhood as much as me!! :D


We should have a beer soon and wheel Paul out too!...


Further apologies for hijack....



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Just backing up what others have said. I went to trade my last Z32 in for a 350Z, it had the GT pack and on the test drive i was impressed by everything apart from the acceleration,but the instant throttle response and torque kind of makes up for that. But much easier to drive and i would imagine to live with aswell,although the boot isnt as big on the 350 and with 2 small kids i would have thought the two small seats in the back of the 300 would be useful. ITs down to feel and personal taste at the end of the day.

APS do a tasty twin turbo kit for the 350 though.


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youll lose your uniqueness.


Driving to and from Silverstone I aint kidding if i saw 15- 20 of the things and as the prices come down, youll see more and more.


Now i aint disputing they are a lovely looking car but your Zed is a one off rareity and to me thats part of its charm. There are less and less good specimens of the Z32 but the the Z33 are ten a penny and will be for many years!


Its your call but if it was me I wouldnt.

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I dont mind the Z33.....but to me its a car I would buy for the Wife while I kept the Z32 for myself.


I've been in a few and Paul@SWZ has worked on a few at the garage as well. They definatly have a mroe modern feel to them...but also a cheaper feel to them to sadly.


Im sure they would be easier to live with everyday, like any modern car if that's what you want and at least its part of the Z lineup instead of some modern rep-mobile.

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The 350Z is more of a down grade IMHO. Don't dislike them, but they rarely get me looking.


With the little use it gets, IMHO, you're better off keeping it, saving the cash in buying a 350 AND the cost of the fuel and get a nice diesel DD or something.

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I like the Z33 and did consider one as a daily driver, whilst still keeping the ZX of course!!


I do like your ZX though Steve, one of the best on the forum in fact, and it would be a real shame to part with it.....



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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even 10k is a giveaway?


That's exactly what I thought matey.

Some might say I might get lucky and find a buyer at that price.

I would say some lucky fooker will be getting the 300ZX.co.uk bargain of the year. But they you go, it's all about opinions at the end of the day.

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