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Removing the rear brake back plate etc.

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Right, finally managed to get the rear wheel bearing lock nut undone and now I can't work ot how to get the rest apart.


I have tugged, pulled, hit and shouted at it but I can't get anything else to budge!


Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Cool - thanks.


Do I have to remove all the springs etc to get to them? (are they hidden behind?)




Im guessing you have sold the rear brakes and handbrake mechanism/backplates to a 200sx owner ?


In which case you need to remove the hub from the subframe (17mm and 19mm nuts and bolts on each arm) . Undo the Large driveshaft nut...knock the driveshaft off.


Your then with the complete hub carrier and rear brakes (caliper, discs, handbrake mechanism/backplate).


You can either send them that, or you can also remove the hub carrier as well - undo the 4x17mm nuts on the back and the 24mm nut. Pull off the hub carrier and send them whats rest.

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