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tranverse link and third link and upper link

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i have been told by the bloke who looks after my car that they ahve excessive movement he showd me and the do seem to move a lot i dont know if there suppost to move that much he said that they should was just wondering what was best to do to fix and where i could sauce any parts from

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hmmmm, probably the most likely one is the upper arms, whip them off and check them. Its fairly easy to do, make sure you remember which bolt went in which end as they are a slightly different diameter, refitting them is the hardest bit you'll have to get the third link at exactly the proper angle relative to the upper arm or the bolt will only go about 3/4of the way through, its takes quite abit of pressure to hold it as it should be, once you have done one it becomes clear and then its an easy job.

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as for parts, if the upper arms turn out to be shot then probably the best idea to invest in a good set of adjustables, but then really, you.ll need to get rose jointed tension rods aswell. The lower arm can be rebushed, its quite easy to get the lower arm of, one point to watch for is that, at the wheel end of the lower arm is an integral ball joint, now you'll need to undo the nut on top of it to get the arm off, if the nuts been of there for years, which you have to assume is has, make sure you use plenty of WD to try and free it up abit, if you just go to town on the nut, the chances are the joint will throw its hand in, then its a real pain, trust me ive done it, lol

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