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Getting my first zed!

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Guest Coopers-SWB

Welcome to the nut house buddy.


Have a look in the buyers section at cars on this forum is your best bet as most of the cars in there have been well looked after.


Best advice I can give is to take your time and not go for the firat one you see, unless it is mint of course.


You might get a cheap car but it may cost you lots of money.


It might even be worth getting paul at SWZ, he's down your way, to have a look at it for you.


Good luck with the hunt.



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Best advise I can give you is: make sure you have a contingency fund available (to the tune of £1k~£1.5k). That is, on top of the purchase price and insurance cost. These cars have a habit of throwing costly wobblies ...


Other than that, once you have found the car you like have it serviced straight away (60K service, incl. timing belt and fluid/filter service). There are likely to be a number of additional parts that need changing (ie, oxygen sensors, etc). Get the car hooked up to a ConZult (preferably before you buy it) to run a full engine diagnostic. If possible, and the vendor allows you to do so, have a compression test and leak-down test done - this will indicate the general condition of the engine's internal state.


At your budget I should expect you to find an early (ie 90-93) example that requires some work (be it engine and/or body).


There are a few for sale on here at the moment so don't forget to look in the Cars for Sale section.





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Well speedwell realy, but yeah that would be great if u dont mind looking at some with me,much appreciated! P.s dont suppose no sum1 called max nailer?


Well i live in syston common so you are only just up the road. And no i dont know that name

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Guest Chutney
Make sure its Manual ;)


I find that harsh.... I've a TT auto and have great fun with it...:)


It's slower by a nats chuff to 62, but quicker to 100 (not that I ever speed of course :-))


If it's a track car...Manual ALL THE WAY.... on the open road (or should I say stuck in traffic) auto is far simpler and easier to live with imho. This manual/auto rivalry is getting old...they are all 300zx at the end of the day and as long as the flag keeps flying for the old girl, I'm a happy man.


So in an auto, you can't dump the clutch and generate a 40ft eleven on the tarmac, but the price of these tyres...I wouldn't want to. :rofl:

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