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Pranged the Zed!

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Hey all, had a crap morning today. some old fart stopped dead in a main road and the car behind him slamed on the brakes, and so did I but due to the rain I slid into the back of him, I was heading right for him but at the last moment i managed to get the nose pointed to the side of him and just glanced the bumper of his car. looks no more then a few scuffs and scratches to his car so dont even think its a new bumper, but for me a scuffed bumper, broken fog light. now I have to give him a call later with my ins details as I didnt have them to hand, do you think it worth asking him to get a quote and paying him direct saving us both the trouble of going though insurance? or just go the usual route of insureance. I know usually if you go into the back of someone its your fault but if the car in front of him stops dead so they stop to avoid him does that still count? Guy seamed ok at the time, dont think I would have been if i was him as it was a brand new 08 plate skoda Fabia.

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...............Even if its protected your ins will still go up if you claim.


Much better to settle between yourselves if you can


I'd agree - if the damage is minimal get him to send you the quote and settle it with him directly. You do not have to give your insurance details at this stage. Your insurance company will only find out if he reports the accident to his insurers and they go via the motor insurance database to see who you are insured with.



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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just a word of warning, my ex missus went into the back of someone a few years ago, I was gonna settle up myself but it was gonna cost a lot more than we thought so we ended up going through the insurance.


Then over two years later we got a letter from one of those scumbag claims r us companies, he had probably been stopped in the shopping centre by some mickey mouse solicitor after a fast buck hence the usual fake whiplash claim.. I had to send off the insurance details and they sorted it out but if I hadnt gone through the insurance then it would have been us that were sued.

I guess if u do settle up still ring the insurance and tell them it was a minor graze and there will be no claim, then if he does try the whiplash thing in a couple of years then at least your safe...

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Well I have now spoken to him on the phone and he was going to go via insurance however I said about getting a qute and not going via the insurance company and he said he would think about it, hes actually away at the moment so can not report it till he gets back so will let me know then what he wants to do.

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