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PMSL, Eddie Large has moved into my road!

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Just found out from a mate down the street that Eddie Large has moved into a house further along my road. Apparently he's lived in this area for some years now. Might give him a nice neighbourly welcome and tell him how crap him and Sid were! :rofl:

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Guest 300zx_girl

I didnt know either..... looked him up, and still don't know


Eddie Large (born 25 June 1941 in Glasgow, Scotland) is the stage name of Edward Hugh McGinnis, a British comedian. He is best known as a partner in the double act Little and Large, with Syd Little.


He was raised in Manchester, to where he moved with his family at an early age. This accounts for his pronounced Mancunian accent. He is a long time supporter of Manchester City Football Club. Little and Large began their career in a TV talent show, and went on to star in many television comedy programmes, including their own series, becoming popular as pantomime stars. Eddie Large was generally regarded as being the "funny" half of the duo, and also did impersonations.


After being hospitalised in March 2002 with kidney trouble, he underwent a heart transplant at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge in 2003. He is now fully recovered and continues to work on the after dinner circuit, and has starting performing some cameo acting roles in dramas such as The Brief and Blackpool. Large's biography Larger than Life has also been published.


Eddie Large lives in Clapton in Gordano, near Bristol, with his wife Patsy and son Ryan. His two daughters, Alison and Samantha, live in Worsley and Bury respectively with their families and his grandchildren Nathaniel, Kate and Holly.

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steady Paul Little and Large were a staple part of my Saturday night viewing. They were the original Ant and Dec!!! Lookin back though they were pretty crap but try watching The Professionals on Dave and not wincing. Now that was a show ,led me to buy 5 capri's over 10 years that show did LOL

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The fat bloke on the right. Sid Little is on the left. Little & Large was just a terrible 80s comedy duo that was on BBC1 iirc.





Yes - you're right, they weren't very funny.........


.........and one of my mate's dads looked like Sid Little at the time. Funny thing was, his name was Sid as well; not that I ever took the piss:nono::tongue:



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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most comedy duo's have and still work to the same format as in..one is normal and serious while the other is gooffy and plays around. it very rarely works when 2 comidians or a double act try to both be funny and full of wise cracks:rolleyes: as for little and large...total shite!!!!!

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