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JAE T shirts??


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Not sure if there will be any from the clubs merchandise this year so I am going to make my own. I will buy one if they exist but I still want to make one something like this:




I hope and presume the club committee wont mind me using the banner design but I thought it would be very appropriate?



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With the permission of the club I dont mind making some up but as they have to ironed on then the numbers would be limited. I can get fairly good quality T shirts (white cotten) from Tescos @ about £2 each and the T shirt printing sheets for about £10 a pack. So the costs will be about £3 each or as close as. I am not interested in any profit so whatever they cost to make will be the price you pay. Unless I can find a company that would make them but I think although the quality will be better the cost might be quite a bit higher???


I will do some searching and see what way to go.


Unless the club knows a better way I could easily draft up the designs on a disc for the company?


I will make one tomorrow and post up a few photos of it for you to see.

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If you go ahead with this then can I have one in Large please. :bow:




NP mate.


What I am going to do is try it on a shirt and see how it looks. The biggest problem is the size. I can only print onto A4 size so to get the size i need on the shirts I need to do it in 2 parts. I have been working on the sizing and it looks OK next step is the acctual ironing on. If it works I will let you know exactly how much they are. I am doing one for my grandson too so will take orders for your kids if you want but please try and keep the numbers down as you can imagine the work that will be involved I did look into buying a printing machine but they are over £400 maybe it would be a good idea in the future? So bare with me and I will get a few photos done ASAP.


I am only going to do them on white shirts.

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go for it vinney m8

they look cool

you can put me down for a couple




OK mate. I got 2 T shirts yesterday to experiment on, have been very busy working in Burton Joyce so had no time to do much but am going to have a bash at them today. I will let everyone know how they come out.

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Guest Coopers-SWB
First attempt was feeble. have to make thetransfer in 2 pieces and the join is shite. back to the drawing board.:o


Do you need to do it on an A3 printer or is it not as simple as that?



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