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new zed help needed

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Ok easies thing to do is to take the clocks out and check for a converter box. its a small box thing which says KM/h to M/h converter, if there isn't one attached then that is your problem!


If im wrong guys correct me my car is not an import


Taking dash apart:


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It appears that the clocks have been replaced with mph ones, but the speedo is still reading in kph, you will need a kph to mph convertor, available from ebay at about £20 or z centre for £65, should cure the problem




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Your car is a jap import? and does it say KPH on the clocks or MPH on the clocks, also 180 mph or 160 mph on the clocks on the maximum... wait you are american so i take it 160 mph?


lol hes not american, irish region

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