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Blitz MAP Analyser

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Have been reading through my Blitz boost controller manual, and apparently I can connect it to a


Blitz MAP Analyzer


Now apparently the later VG30DETT has a MAP sensor as well as MAF, for the 16bit ECU (not the boost gauge as I don't have one). If so I could possibly install one of these puppies, which might be sexy time...


But I cannot find one for sale anywhere, anyone seen them??



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i would say that the map analyzer blitz mention is for looking at the fueling map on the ECU, much like conzult and datascan does as well i think.


I cant see what benefit analyzing the map would be as your going along, unless you intend to change the fuel map which you cant really do on a standard ECU i dont think.


As for the MAP sensor on the engine what does that do?

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Andy: yeah isn't the standard boost gauge controlled by a map sensor? I can't find it at the moment, but I have been told and read somewhere on the net the 16bit ECU uses one.


Quavey: MAP = manifold absolute pressure :)

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all 300zx twinturbo models have a MAP sensor, it's used for the boostgauge on the dash.


the later TT's with 32 bit ECU's have a seperate MAP sensor which is used for the ECU's seperate boostmap.

I presume the blitz map analyser has something to do with this boostmap and can be used to interfere with the MAP sensor's signal, similar to what an Apexi AFC does with the MAF sensor's signal.

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I *think* I read in Forced Induction and Performance Tuning (Graham Bell) that some turbo ecus rely only on a MAF for the fueling, others on just a MAP, so to have both is quite nice.


I'll ring Blitz UK at lunch time and just ask them :)

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Well that was a disappointment :(


From what the guy said it's actually this




an A/F ratio analyser. It doesn't offer any more control, just means on the boost controller I can display the a/fr as well??? My boost controller says you can have 4 different set ups, and one that's linked directly to the map analyser. I was kinda hoping this would do something clever looking at my fueling to protect it from running lean, or maybe automate partly how much boost I can safely make.


Either way, I asked about using the optional sensor harness to use the existing lambda sensors on the car and he couldn't remember.


I'll e-mail Blitz USA and see what they recommend for the '32 :)

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