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Z garage near London?

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It's that time of the year where I've gotta get the thing MoT and would like to get a few minor jobs done at the same time. Used SWZ last year but they aint a garage no more from what I can see.


Any suggestions? Would like it to be a little closer to London then SWZ! That way I can get myself home easlier when I drop the car off! :)

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Where in london are you and what do you need done?
SE London, willing to travel a bit but would prefer to keep it within London so that I can get my ass home on public transport!


MoT is up so that needs sorting and the propshaft needs replacing with the spare I got ready to go.


Extras are sorting out the front bumper, London's inversed pot holes got the better of it and would like to get my side skirts painted and fitted. Maybe get the thing decat. Depending on price though for the extras.


Main thing really is the MoT and propshaft! Getting annoyed at feeling like as if I'm in a earth quake when planting my foot down!:mac1:

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If it's just a propshaft any garage can do that for you mate, it's a few bolts at one end, a little bend and apull at the other and it's off.


Well worth changing the center bearing for a new one before you put the replacement on.

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Does the spare prop have a bearing already on it?

Complete propshaft front and back sections. Brought it off one of the members here about a good few years ago now I believe! Now I've got use for it!


Just want a garage that knows about Zeds so that if there is a failure on the MoT they can sort it out rather then me being told sorry, take it else where and lose a good £45 for nothing!


Give Mike at MJP in the traders section a call, he's got a top notch mechanic he uses, might be able help you out.... He's base in essex.

Cool, I'll give him a call and see what he can do!

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Bit out of the way but I know Scott at Nexus Performance in Southend will take a car for an MOT and he specialises in Zed's. Works on quite a few people's on here.


Where about's in SE London are you mate? I live in Catford.

I'm not too far off from the Oval. Kind of borderline SE/SW. Have you got a number for Scott?
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scott at nexus :D: 01702 610838

:D tell him james sent you and ask him when my car is ready......


I asked him yesterday, he said as soon as he remebers where he put it :D


Saw your block, didn't have the plenum on at the time though. Looks sweet.

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