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North to South Run - Julys Monthly Meet - Sunday 20th


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SC Crew.


Following the poll, this month North 2 South Lunch run will be held on the 20th


The route starts just off Jnc11 of the M4. Turn off onto the A33 towards Basingstoke and there is a BP garage where there used to be a Little Chef with a reasonable sized car park. For those who live near the top of the ground i will be there at 11:00am


From there Cross Country to Jnc5 of the M3 where there is a big layby in the turning signed for Odiham (same place we used for the Jap performance sunday meet) Ill be there for about 11:30


We then go through Odiham to Alton (lovely fast twisty road) and use this as the second check point for people to join in


From Alton we'll go down the A31 to Winchester (3rd check point) about 12:15


From Winchester down the A272 across Petersfield. This is an AWESOME road, one of the best in Hampshire.


The final leg is from Petersfield down the A3M to Hailing Island where there is a few nice places to have a nice bit of Lunch and chill on the beach in whats looks like Glorious weather. We should get there around the 2pm sort of time.


If you dont want to do the whole route, thats fine, call me on my mobile on the day and ill tell you which check points were between and where you can meet us.


1)nickz32 - J11 M4

2)steve burns - J11 M4

3)andy isherwood

4)ianl - M3 Jnc 5

5)madmarco - M3 Jnc 5

6)sussex_stu - J11 M4


8)300_zedx - M3 Jnc 5



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updated list again
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What more could you want for a Sunday drive out:dance:

A nice group of people:dance:

Some of the best roads to drive on in Hampshire:dance:

Various start points if you don't want to do the whole thing:dance:

The Seaside:dance:

And food somewhere:dance:

Or better still there is always the odd jobs at home you could do or even watch the telly instead:tongue:

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1)nickz32 - M4 Jnc11

2)steve burns

3)andy isherwood

4)ianl - M3 Jnc 5


6)sussex_stu - J11 M4



Dont forget to add wheich meeting point your going to be at :D


(i just hope my cars ready in time now:()

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Well at least I wont be the only one there without a Z32:rolleyes:


No he wont, I tweaked a wheel on the Z this week which has caused a bad vibration over 70mph. Just droped the wheel off for repair but they cant finish it today.


So I will be driving this -




67 Mustang Coupe

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No pics from me as the battery in my phone died... I think a couple of people took a few.


It was a great day out with a good mix of cars. Drove some great roads and parked up on Hayling island for a bite and a drink. Thanks to Nick for arranging another good meet!

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Cheers to all that came, was a really nice day. Shame we kept hitting slow traffic on some of the nice roads, but thats just one of those things i suppose.


Cheers to Andy for being a Petrol Snob :D


Marco's mustang is a stunner in the flesh, jodies convinced she wants one now ;)


Nice to meet you 300_zedx, sorry about the traffic and you didnt get to spend much time in Hayling, unfortunatly we'd already been there 2 hours.


Round of applause to Steve Burns for taking the Biggest "I missed the turning" detour of the day :D :D :D


Unfortunatly i didnt get any pics, i think the amount of times ive dropped my phone has finally taken its toll and it stopped working in Hayling.


Thanks again to everyone for showing up for another SC Meet



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