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Internet Browers you use

What Internet browser do you use?  

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  1. 1. What Internet browser do you use?

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Just wondering, what do all the members of 300zx.co.uk use yo browse the internet????


Give a reason why you use it or why you like it :) I have left it so you can vote more than one incase you use different browsers, etc firefox at work at internet explorer at home


Thanks for doing things guys ;)

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A mixed bag really.


At work: Internet explorer (Work restrictions), but also use Firefox Portable when i need something done quickly.It's good because it doesn't install anything on the work computer.


At home: Use Opera on mobile phone and Wii. Can't change these so got no choice.

On my home computer, i use Firefox because it's as stable as a stable thing on planet stable. Also have Konqueror (came installed with OS) and Opera on it, but always keep going back to Firefox.

Also used Iceweasel for a bit, but that's just because of the Debian/Mozilla jollies.

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Internet explorer :D Never ever lets me down and at the end of the day if i can get on the internet without problems - i'm happy :cool:


To be honest, i was happy just using internet explorer............until they released 7. Just ran so slowly on my machine. That pushed me away to try other browsers ie Firefox. Was happy with Firefox so thought if other browsers are this good, why not try other OS's.

Years ago Linux was not very user friendly, today is a different matter. Haven't regretted leaving Windows in the slightest.

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At work, IE6 (They won't upgrade to IE7 due to security issues)


At home Firefox 3 (Again they won't install this at work for the same reason)


On phone Mobile IE 6 (Phone also has Opera Mobile installed but is incredibly sluggish)

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