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Think my gearbox is on the way out, been crunching a bit when giving it some. Yesterday it seemed to be getting worse.:headvswal Just wondered what options are available and what it will cost, is there a 6 speed option available? would like a second hand or reconditioned one

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Replacing oil with Redline MT90 is a common tempoary "fix" for crunhing. It could get rid of the crunch for a couple of years, couple of months or not at all...but worth a try.


A good 2nd hand box on its own usually £300-£500


Recon your existing box £1000-£1500 ( i think ?)


Brand new 96+ box from the U.S £1200'ish


There are no straight fit bolt on replacement boxes. The 350z 6speed has been fitted before, but its a lot of hassle for a box with gear ratio's that are not ideal and its weaker than the 300zx box.


There are aftermarket options - your looking at £3000-£10000

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Guest Coopers-SWB
Where would i get the oil and price?


Try opie oils in the traders section, they will at least point you in the right direction.


Surprised you didn't mention it on sunday, sure wozzer would have come up with something :rofl:


Hope you get it sorted.



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It wasn't too bad till the way home, I took my brother out when I got back and got a big crunch out off it and it felt a bit stiff aswell, seems fine again now. must be something to do with how long its been running.

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