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HICAS, what ya done  

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  1. 1. HICAS, what ya done

    • Not touched it
    • Disabled it, liked it, left it
    • Disabled it, didn't like it re-enabled it
    • Stripped it out, liked it
    • Stripped it out, regretted it
    • Never had it in the first place

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I don't quite understand the idea of it, how is it meant to improve things (handling presumably!)? Can anyone explain technically how its trying to achieve what its trying to achieve?


Hicas is a meant as a high speed handling aid. Dependent on the angle of the steering wheel at the road speed it will either steer the rear end around with the car or it will quickly turn the wheels the opposite direction before changing to the other directions in a kind of "rally style scandavian flick".


The max angle is only about 1 degree, and some owners wont even notice it, however many find it makes the rear end unpredictable and hinders feedback. Which is why experienced drivers and those using the car on the track will remove it.


IMO a lot of it is down to the era the car was built in, with all the Manufacturers adding these technological gimmicks in an attempt to out-do each other.

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the main problem is you try to correct something that isnt happening, hicas does its thing and you think the back end is stepping out so oops you go to correct it and it wasnt happening in the first place, takes trust and familiarity in the system to not do this but there are times when i get that feeling from the back of the car and i poop myself,then I stop the correction as i realise its hicas, this is why people remove it as you need to know when you get that feeling it is the rear of the car giving you a message

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