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Just having a good piss-up with the neighbours. Conversation got around to cars. I'm trying to explain why i wouldn't drive a ford focus, they reckon because i drive a z i fooking love myself, and i'm all into image. i'm trying (badly) to tell them that you only live once, live life and enjoy it. if you find something within your life that gives you great pleasure, embrace it and enjoy it as much as possible.


life is so short (specially when you hit your 30's) ;)


She understands, but he doesn't. Ford fiesta man.



D'ya know why the fiesta is called a ford clitoris?

Cos every c*nt has one

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Take him for a spin! Or better still take her for a spin and she might leave him for someone with a bit of life flowing through their veins!!



lol taken her for a spin couple of times, donut one night and she came back with a big grin on her face, "pain and pleasure" she called it


He's a headmaster of a nearby school, don't think i'll try it on him :D

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