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Hickstead Meet Yesterday

Guest GlennS

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Guest GlennS



I sold my Zed (Reluctantly ...) in March but

went to the Jap show at Hicstead (West Sussex)yesterday.


Pissing with rain but loads of Jap Muscle

on display.


mainly Scoobies, Evos, But lots of Supras

and Skylines.


Only saw three Zeds!!!

One being a arer convertible 2 seater.


Was hoping to see more a chat about the usual.


Where were you all!???


Still thinking what to get next.


After seeing the GTO's Im quote taken with the shape, even thought there not quite a sfast as Zeds & Supras.


Good for ideas though.


Highlight (Not jap) was a Ultima GTR kit

for £55k!!! weighed nothing and had a 7l Chevy V8 tucked in the back! Yum yum.



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hey glenn!!



I was watching the grand prix or i would have been down there redface.gif\


Other than a TVR I can't see the point of upgrading from a zed, the GTO would be tempting though, they look nice but i hear they go wrong a lot :\


zeds going well btw :O)

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Guest rock_star

Hi Glenn,

I was there also. Mine was the red zed parked over by the GTi-R's. I spoke to one zed owner (black zed) but he is not currently a member on this forum.


Shame about the weather, I got pi55ed off with it after a while and decided to head back about 1.00pm'ish.


The number of jap cars just swamped the 'street machine' and american cars. Some seriously nice motors there though, american & Jap.



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