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Wheel refurbishment

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Can anybody recommend an alloy wheel refurbisher in the West London area? I want to have my wheels tarted up and painted in gunmetal like the OZ Superleggera, should look nice with my red bodywork.

I live in Staines, so the closer to there the better.



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I tried a few places but they all seemed to be agents for Spit and Polish - at least down here in the Sarf. 300z found a bunch oop north.


The lot in Bagshot say they will do themselves on site if they can but if bigger job will send to Spit and Polish.


I also tried a couple of the "we fix anything" smart-type franchises in the Yellow Pages but they wanted "£50 - £60" and one couldn't be arsed.


I believe AndyP had his done and powdercoated by Spit and Polish and very nice they look too. The only change is that they are more smooth and glossy than the original textured allow but then the smooth surface means the dirt doesn't have little pits to hide in!


Some urls

http://www.spitandpolish.co.uk/ http://www.roadwheel.com/wheels.htm http://www.wheelrefurbishing.co.uk/






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Guest GavinL

try www.pristine.co.uk


I have just had a set of wheels done by spit and polish. The agent said the quality of there work had tailed off recently and comparing them with the first set I had done I would be inclined too agree. I will be sending the centre caps back this week so hopefully they can do them without mixing the paint with a bag of sand :-(

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