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is anyone using the HKS EIDS with bovs

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this is the write up about it!

Our MAF equipped cars do not like BOVs; when a BOV vents to the atmosphere, air that has already been metered by the MAF goes missing, and the ECU will flood your engine with fuel intended for the air that was vented. On high power cars running a lot of boost, this can be bad enough to cause your car to stumble and die. The HKS EIDS improves the situation by monitoring your throttle, and modifying the MAF signal to compensate for air that is vented. The HKS EIDS-Pro is similar to the EIDS, and is intended for higher horsepower cars needing more MAF correction. Please note that the HKS AFR has an EIDS function built in.



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Hi Jay, i don't have BOV's but i do have the super AFR which is a handy bit of kit to give you the correct fueling all the way through yer rev range. The EIDS can be used to increase throttle response at different points throughout the rev range too, reason being as you said above, some cars do not always idle correctly with the BOV'S fitted, so basically EIDS on it's own could be a waste, but if yer have mods, then a Super AFR is handy to have.


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