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stone chips,and people with their car doors in car parks.

Guest shaggy

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Guest shaggy

is their anything on the market you can put on the front of the Z to protect it from stone chips, and whats the best way to get small dents out of the side of the car from people with their fucking car doors in car parks mostly people with 4*4 cunts.

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Guest Timmy_Turbo

I don't know which way to greet you mate "Scooby dooby doooooooo!" or "It wasn't me!!!" ROFL biggrin.gif


Mate, stone chips on the front? Foliatec do a clear film which you can apply to protect better from the flying sharp bits. Peter at PPS can respray and use special stone chip type paint which has been used in more sensitive areas on my car. Round the wide arches and front of the side skirts where the majority of road debris and shite gets hurled first.


Le Big Mac is having his car done with the same soon. wink.gif


Supermarket car parks and all car parks in general are a nightmare mate. Tesco in the winter up our way is the worst as the trolley collectors don't do their jobs properly and so I've witnessed seeing a rogue trolley slam into peoples cars with the wind guiding it!!!


Get home delivery from Tesco or Iceland and DON'T put the pride and joy in harms way! wink.gif






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Guest rock_star

I always double park my car or take an end parking space if I can, when I take it out for shopping or otherwise, but will always park it at the back or where most people can't be arsed to park.


Luckily havent had it scratched or knocked, that would really pi55 me off big time.



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