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Dyno setup etc..

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Ive noticed recently people have had problems running rich and Johns nightmare on the dyno, well heres my opinion. If your sad like me and read all the posts on TT net about peoples setup experiences you will notice that whatever the chip your running the only way to set it up correctly is by using a fuel controller like an AFC. Some people are having to richen or lean off the mixture by upto 50% at various points in the rev range, even cars with identicle mods can need totally different settings and the only way to do that is with a properly equipped dyno with wideband 02 sensors and a skilled operator. Both of which are in short supply in the UK. In my experiences at dynos (not with my 300) the operators wouldnt know what a AFC was if you shoved it up his butt. Some places even try to hide you away in a waiting room while they do it, these places were great for setting up the carbs on your old RS 2000 or 1275 mini but dont cut the mustard with advanced engine management systems. All they will do is clean your plugs, check your ignition timing and do a couple of power runs. I wouldnt bother going for a rolling road tune untill I have a boost and fuel controller fitted or what else can they do.

You can probably do a better job yourself and get it somewhere near by using EGT gauges like Nico's got and something like the conZult that can display your 02 sensor voltage while driving, At least you can set it up on the side of safety so you know your not gonna melt down.

T9KYO said he knows of some people who are spot on with the skylines, maybee we need to be trying these sort of people, if they know how to setup the fueling correctly on one car they should be able to do it with anything.

Otherwise its down the back lane to Blogg's garage for a good old fashioned Crypton Tune biggrin.gif biggrin.gif



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My intial Fubblings with my AFC which i have only just fitted suggest that this really is a fairly easy process - ASLONG as you have reliable info from the O2's and the EGT's help incase of any small accidents in the tunning side. Thos wider band o2's we were looking at are deffinalty on my shopping list !


I would say you need to make sure your fuel system is in tip top condition before you risk leaning out the fuel - as some of you know my Fuel Pump is on the way out so i wont be leaning any part of the mixture off untill that is replaced and the new injectors do in. Also replace Filter, Damper and regulator before you do it.


Increasing the fuel pressure has its advantages also - however this is limited unless you can get a FPR that will vary the pressure with RPM - I haven't found one with this feature for a resonable price as yet !


As for Dyno operators doing it - screw that ! I'll do it myslef on the A453 wink.gif





Z ya






God is coming ...and he dont have stock turbos . . .

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Guest Timmy_Turbo

Yep, I'm going off the dyno thing at the moment. I don't wanna put my car on a dyno to show me what it thinks my RWHP is, I want it on a dyno for someone, preferably who knows WTF they are doing, to get it running sweet.


I might still enquire about whether or not Pete R is still doing similar setups like he did with Dave Hairys' car.


Not bothered about necessarily squeezing more BHP out but would like to feel safe in the knowledge that it is burning fuel and passing gasses out safely and efficiently etc.







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Guest jvnewcomb1961

Do SE Nissan have a rolling road? As Abbey Motorsports are so good at Skylines maybe they are the next obvious way forward for specialised tuning of our 300's. Any other ideas? As Timmy says its not just for knowing your power, but most importantly knowing that the setup of each of these upgraded bits is working in harmony and not fatally. I just want a group of people to all say "I've been to +++++++++++ to have my modified 300zxTT tuned and they were great". It would take a large weight off my mind.


My final thought on this subject. If we spend so much money on upgading our cars and then have to keep the boost low just in case it gets set too high, why do we spend the money in the first place?

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Guest 300z

the guys at ABBY are very nice chaps and they definately do know what they are doing, no doubt. But imnto sure they have a rolling road yet, i know they have plans for one?

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Guest Coogs

Tomorrow I am going to Tuning Japanese in Aldershot for a dyno run. They have a 1000hp rolling road with wide band lambda and all the stuff. Abbey motorsport use em for their rolling road. See www.tuningjapanese.co.uk.


They don't specialise in Z's tho.

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SE don't have their own rolling road (unless they've got one recently). They use one at a local Bosch tuning centre.


Like others, I believe that RR is not the complete answer. When mine was tuned, it was done both on rolling road and on the road afterwards. Then I drove it for a week and we did another on road tune to clear flat spots and sort out some very mild detonation.


Ultimately I think that a rolling road can give a quicker baseline conservative setting than on the road. But my experience is that the job needs to be finished on the road. And watch out for weather conditions on the day tuning is being done as they can make the difference between a clean sounding engine and buckets of detonation.

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