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nzr--help with video editing

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Some of you are good at this and I know F**k all about it so here goes.

what software would you recomend to convert my quicktime MOV files to Mpeg files?


Are Mpgeg files the best for small filesizes for putting on the web? is that what most of you use for the clips on here?


Also what software to edit, add sound, text etc to the clips?


can you only edit when it is a certain file format like converting to AVI to edit then convert back to mpeg?


A software package that could do the editing and save as any file format would be good





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You can use Adobe Premier 6, which is available at all good computer software retailers and (cough kazaa) most good camera shops, yes and it may be in the bad ones too. biggrin.gif

It costs about £350-£400 (cough, free on Kazaa)

That allows you to change virtually any format to any format.

You can make movies smaller by changing the res, FPS, sound and what CODEC (COmpressor/DECompressor

Have a play with it. I use DIVX 5.02 encoder. You get a good balance between quality and file size.


If you want to know what setting I use ask I will give my secrets away. biggrin.gif


Right click SaveAs, to see the quality of DIVX 5.02, but you must have it installed to be able to view it




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Cheers Stuart. If I was to download the ahem! evaluation version biggrin.gif how big is it as im only on 56k?



I retired from porn movies a long time ago. I used to go under the name of John Holmes wink.gif



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Warren & I both use Pinnacle Studio 7. It's not perfect but it's not bad and costs less than £100 including a firewire card.


One thing to watch for with video editing is your PC's performance and it's not just processor speed. I've got hard drive performance problems but, with the help of Glen, that should be sorted !


If you want to get an idea of performance, run the full tests on www.pcpitstop.com


That picked up my hard drive problems and gave me enough info to find the cause.



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Premier 6 (Evaulation) wink.gif can be be found on Kazaa and is about 70mb. At full speed on a 56k it will take about 2-3hours. But well worth it. There is no need to for a digital card if your camera has fire wire. Straight from camera to computer.



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