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NZR: has anyone had trouble replying to posts?

Guest Trey

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I have replied to a couple of posts with long replys,

Clicked on submit, it does the normal stuff, but no post?


Anyone else got this?


Could this be some timeout issue due to the time I'm taking to write a reply?






1990 300ZX TT 2+2(import)


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Guest Clair

I reply to posts sometimes and don't see it for a few hours.

It still registers because The number of replies goes up and the time of last post has changed.

Are these thing changing when you post replies?




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I've had similar - but don't know the cause. Except a time-out of some sort is logical.


I have had occasions where my ISP (BT - ptuoie) drops the connection during a long ish typing session.


Get round might be to compose long reply in Notepad (or whatever) then cut and paste into reply window.

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This is usually down to your ISP cacheing the web pages - your ISP's server pulls down the pages from the forum and stores them so it is faster for you to retrieve them. This is great but causes problems when the ISP's server doesn't update the pages it has stored fast enough so you are seeing in effect an out of date copy of the site.


Clicking on refresh may help but I find that if I press Ctrl+Refresh it takes me back to the site homepage and all is well on entering the forum again.


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