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oil pressure?

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i'm right on the verge of buying a tt manual swb but i'm worried about the oil pressure. how much should they run? it seems low. 2 on tickover when cold, less when warm, and only reads 4 when driving! is this an issue? its only done about 50k miles and everything else is sweet. starts on the button,no smoke, drives lovely etc. please help. i'm a 300 virgin

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okay,another couple of questions? what turbos are they supposed to run and what colour are the injectors? and have any of you guys heard of an spl ecu? its bloody fast and i've had some fast cars in the past. quattro turbo,mr2 turbo,gto turbo,200sx etc the 3rd mr2 i had ran 330 at the flywheel and this z seems alot faster!

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Guest dgsignmakers

If ya like the car then buy it mate, my advice though is to keep a few quid handy for when it goes wrong lol.

I bought a manual 300zx uk with leather and loads of history. Car seemed great on test drive and everything sounded good, then after driving it for a few weeks realised it used quite a bit of oil and the clutch started to slip. Now a year on and after 2 bottom end rebuilds which ive done myself and a full set of brakes, clutch, ptu and lots off petrol i,m still pleased with her.

I,m not tryin to put you off buying 1 but be realistic. A car that was 35000ish when new which you can now buy for 3000 isnt gonna be perfect, but i still love em.

Anyway sounds like a real bargain mate, go for it and grab ya self a mad jap.....


Good luck

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just to go back to the original question. My oil pressure used to drop off at idle, when warm, to Zero, then stay there popping back up to the first mark when it fancied it, no problem when cold, right up to 3/4. I knew I had good pressure cause I just rebuilt the engine!! Changed the sender unit last week, £90 from Nissan, perfect now. At idle when hot just between first mark and half way.

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