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All kinds of help need in Warwick!!!!!!!!! - Please help!!!!

Guest MrGarrett

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Guest MrGarrett

Guys/Girls/Experts of any gender!


After 18years of deperately wanting a TT Zed I finally got one a month ago... (Leaving me like a pig in sh*t as the saying goes!) however -


I currently have two issues which are resulting in me not driving my baby! *sniff*!!


1. When the engine is warm I have a coolant leak from beneath the Plenum resulting in plumes of steam from under the bonnet. I have been given advice from a couple of the guys on here (thank you for your time guys!), but as I have been a spoiled child with a company car for the past 11 years my mechanical skills have dissolved (as probably has my first car!!! - 997cc metro city which I stripped and rebuilt) -So unfortunately I do not have the confidence to remove either the plenum or auto-'box.


Since the above occurred I now have two further issues!


2. She sounds like a diesel 75% of the time (originating from the drivers side of the block, and more toward the back of it)


3. This is probably just the residue after having coolant/water left to dry on the belts but she squeaks in time with the road speed (not engine/gearbox speed).


I have her booked into the local Nissan dealer to have a 'consult' check done on the 29th including price the possible damage to restore her to health!, But as I have lost my job I would rather be doing any repairs as cheap as poss for obvious reasons! So as I am currently driving my wife back and forth to work in her 2.0D Volvo S40 rather than my Zed so please please please would some Zed loving, sympathetic person take the time to come to Warwick and have an experienced look???? I have an excellent local pub and will ply you with beer for your time!!! Please help before I need to resort to a dealership!!!!


Many desperate thanks in advance!!!!


(mob: 07972017880 alt: 07814807939 - ps: the mobile signal at home is SH*T!!!! so if you get voicemail please leave me a message inc contact number and I'll call you back as soon as I get it - also if you want to mail me - I'm at: garrett_john@hotmail.co.uk)



If I don't sound desperate enough to get her fixed....... believe me I AM!!!!!


Thanks all!


J :headvswal

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John steam from under the bonnet sounds like the two coolant hoses on the top hose...I'd start here before removing the plenum....£8 from nissan or try MJP on here in the traders section. These can be done with the plenum in place (and is the most likely cause as they crack and split, and like mine the split might only open when warm)...common issue and can be done by removing the top hose, (2 Jubilee clips) and the top hardpipe, (3 bolts?) Pull it off, and get some long nose pliers on the clips that hold the pipes in place to the head!...I'd start here for the cost and it's a good way to get your hands dirty again!


If i were closer, i'd pop around but as it's an hour and a half minimum i'll be sticking to my local tonight!


I'd avoid Nissan like the plague however, as they know bugger all about these cars! The last nissan mechanic i had to work on mine was when i bought it, and he did the 60k service (timing belt, water pump etc) it's with this work that it's suggested to change the two pipes i mention above and he forgot, or didn't know to do it....My supposed water pump leak turned out to be these two pipes as i did the investigation myself after a chat with Jeff at Zedworld in Tamworth...V. helpful guy and nearish to you so perhaps you could give them a try...http://www.zedworld.co.uk/


Good luck and hope she's not as bad a she sounds

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I live in Warwick mate


I'd give Andy Duff a call , I would rather go and see him than go anywhere else he can fix virtually anything in an engine


I'll email you instead as you are registered user


I've been on this forum a long time, you wanna use forum members who know their stuff

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