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Zed back on the road, Cheers Mr Duff!

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Well after being off the road this time only for a short while, got all the niggly little things sorted, that have been bothering me for ages


Andy was lovely keeping me updated on progress, and sorted things along the way

I don't think I've forgotton anything!


new slave cylinder fitted

New centre bearing fitted

new transmission mount fitted

new drop links/bushes fitted

oil leak near turbos -fixed

new clamps for fuel lines

oil change

rattling exhaust fixed

ballasts moved (no more plastic bags)

new headlight ( the old one was glued back together by an ex trader and fell apart in Andy's hands :rolleyes: )

speedo fixed

alarm fob fixed

fitted fan shroud


also arranged to get a new alarm fitted


All that being done


Apart from the sill (get done locally) and heater matrix (andy will do before the winter)


that's really it, my zed is pretty solid now, so apart from upgrading things mechanically there is nothing else really to do


I wanted my zed to be sorted mechanically not bothered about how shiny or pretty it is at the moment, just wanted a car that actually worked :)


After the sill and heater matrix I'll start on the interior....


I don't want a flashy car , just an elegant, gorgeous zed to zoom around in,

It's taken me 5 years to get this far, so I'll just keep plugging away at it.

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nice one Diane, now get out there giving it some welly lol!!



I did sweetie on the way home from Andy's the M6 just happened to be there lol, didn't even realise I was zooming down the motorway, the back end feels completely different now


I went out 4 times yesterday, bloody knackered now as not used to driving


btw what is it with you and kerbs? ;)

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Great stuff, glad to see you're back in the road hon :) Perhaps we'll see you at a few more midlands meets now?



Absolutely sweetie my zed actually works now, when my slave cylinder went I nearly cried, but it's all sorted.... wow, still in shock, can't stop grinning! :D :hyper:

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Guest wozzer
heehe Wozzer I'm a lady teehee, never been called bud before lol



Sorry darling .... :headvswal ..i call every one bud ...just happy your car is ok .....




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Hi Emero I hope your pleased now. You just need to drive it in to work now instead of cycling :rolleyes:


But to get everything truly sorted you ought to buy my old coilovers off me or would that be too uncomfortable for you? ;)


ok I might consider it!


get back on msn and quote me a price man! and bring em over..so I can see :D



on further thoughts......

Now you have explained and reminded me about why I didn't like them, I think not.... you can explain to everyone why :D

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I'm afraid you did, I think we were on a rather bumpy back road at the time, it's quite possible that some wheels were actually airborne at the time :x:


Yeah and the need for a sports bra was called for .... as it was erm.... uncomfortable to say the least

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Guest wozzer
Yeah ... I'm over the bloody moon.... trust me it's been a long time coming :D



ALL good thing's come to those who wait .... :dance:


have fun with your Zed .... :dance: :dance:


.wozza ..



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