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Hoping to get some opinions

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Last week I ran my 300zx into a field. The only damage is body and exhaust. However I have been posted away with work (in the RAF) and don't have the time to fix her. She is highly modified, can give 430BHP without the NOS and has loads of added kit inc. GReady Boost Controller, Apexi Multi-Checker, Garret T25 Turbos, HKS Turbo Timer, Blitz Air Intake, Blitz ECU, Holby Nitrous kit, Forged Pistons, Front Mounted Intercooler, Roll Cage, Dash Gauges: Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost psi, 19" Axis Alloys. I had her on e-bay with a reserve of 3000, but did not get offered anything in that region.

Should I break her and sell her for the parts? I would hate to do so since she's such a great looking car. Matt black (chinook paint in fact :)

Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated




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Guest 300zx_girl
brakedust's old car, prob be better to break it, get subscribed (£20) and advertise all the parts on here, im sure you will make a few quid



as StellaZ said ^^


Also I removed your other thread advertising what bits you have If anyone is interested in any of the parts call etc etc etc ..... as you are only registered! Sorry... :)

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dunno if you saw it on your scotland area thread before it got removed but i will take the Apexi multichecker off your hands if the price is right. same situation as Friday with the collection/post issue.


my email is; tp_ventham@msn.com


crotchrocket would be interested in your boost controller if it is still available but he is away this week.

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Statement of fact regardless of my, or anyone else's, interest. Breaking a Z32 if more lucrative then selling it as a whole.


I agree bud, no doubt about that, i did actually mean it as a joke as I too would be interested in any parts i may need.

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Sorry, just re-read my post and it sounds uppity as hell...didn't mean it to matey! lol! :D


lol no worries, know what you mean, her in doors is always saying my texts sound uppity or stropey then again she always says im a moody b@st@rd lol, im not its just with her :rofl: :rofl:

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