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Rubber Strips

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There are some rubbery strips on the bodywork, namely below the windows, between the windows and the targa tops, and along the sides of the windscreen.

On mine it is rather messy and discoloured, as show in the pics below:








I'd like to neaten it up. The car is black. Do i need some special type of paint to do this, as i can imagine that normal paint will just flake off, what with the rubberiness?

Are there any other suggestions, or ideas, something other than black? Wouldn't want to be too garish though.



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I'm liking this idea but what do you mean by "then back to black of tyre black and do like me"?

There is some kind of tyre paint which i could use?


Any motorist shop sells it. You can get it in a spary can but it isnt as good as in a tin where you apply it with a spong or rag.

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Door ones pull up windscreen ones slide up, Tagra ones un screw from under neather (requires removing of trim) the little ones rear of the tagras push them forward and they un-click. just looked at replacing mine and it's well expensive, dong them of a course of time might be an idea, but it's still £250.00 - £275.00 including VAT and delivery.the ppl that are trying the back to black route post up some pics because if it's cheaper then might go that way, although mine aren't just faded, they have started to flake and expose the metal underneath and i fear new ones are the only way to go.





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Guest Coopers-SWB

What about trying some black boot polish.


Not sure how well it will work on the rubber but is even cheaper than back to black.


I know they used to use it at vauxhall to get the wax marks off the old plastic bumpers.



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Mine came with a quick cheap fix, they were covered with black electrical tape. looked ok for awhile until it started to bubble, I took it off and back to black'd them.


the tape trick would be a quick fix for those with the rubber surface perished

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