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re ztech he owes me load of money

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hello, as a trader on this site I am unhappy to advise that Ztech have changed ownership and no one seems to be able to get hold of Ryan, I am abroad and when I spoke to him last week he told me that part of the contract in selling the company was he that had to pay me which he hasnt, he is nowhere to be found and owes me a reather large sum into the thousands. At present I have steam coming out of my ears, over the last year i have tried to help him as best as I can, and helped him through what I thought was a difficult situation, i have spoken to his brother who apparantly doesnt know where he is, and am not happy at all. I have seen the post has been closed for ztech, I dont know why but was unsure of where i could post to ask if anyone knows of his whereabouts. I have sent him a message through his brother that if I get no reply within 2 days I will have no alternative but to go to the Police, does anyone have a contact address or tel number, any help would be gretafully appreciated

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