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Laurizten's quite a big company. Used to deal with their reefer ships from time to time actually. That subsiduary of the business is Lauritzen-Cool.


Interesting read that. Vessel's what's known as a Panamax Bulker. Quite big, but nowhere near the biggest.


We've got a ship in in a few weeks time that incorrectly ballasted off the coast of Canada and part capsized. This happened about a year ago now.


As you can see, vessel is heeled over at a horrific list.










Now the vessel is a PCC (Pure car carrier) and was carring some 5,000 brand new cars. Mainly Mazda and Toyota.


The ship was saved and is now back in service and due here soon.


When the lower two holds were pumped dry and the vessel righted, all but the 2 decks of cars that would normally sat below the waterline were written off. All the other cars that were correctly stowed with lashing survived. There was some other minor damage. But you'd have thought it would have ended up in much the same fate as Wallenius's 'Tricolor' which was holed and capsized in the Dover straights about 7 years ago.




Vessel had to be cut up by specialist Salvage Experts 'Smit'....


You can see the vessel's engines in this one.




This was loaded with Brand new BMWs, Mercedes and Volvos. Each one distroyed...



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Yeah, the Wallenius ship would have been a green coloured ship. They are all gradually going to the red you see up there are Wilhelmson bought them out. They are now Wallenius Wilhelmson (or Willy-Wolly as they are known in the industry) They are the Rolls Royce of the car carrier industry. Really nicely appointed inside.


Anyway, they pretty much much dominate the trans-atlantic routes, chiefly out of Baltimore and Charlston, where as the company I work on behalf of (Mitsui OSK) monopolise the Asia-Far East routes.

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