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Aaaargh, my cars just died

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driving home from work, the car just cut out, wont restart, cranks but does not fire. smells like fuels getting through but had no tools so couldnt confirm.




any ideas, dous the PTU show up on the ECU diagnostic test??



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Guest Timmy_Turbo

If it's the PTU gremlin then it's more than likely it will restart after 10 or 15 minutes. Unless it's gone completely bud!


Not sure whether the PTU failure/going dicky shows up on the ECU diags???


Try starting it again, other things likely can be the Crank Angle Sensor and Throttle Position Sensor. Go round the engine bay and check as many connectors as you can, also the coil pack plugs on top of the engine. Make sure they are all pushed down and flush with the coil packs. wink.gif







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Tried starting it after 20 -30 mins, tried to start for a second then nothing again.


its at my garage now so ill try it in the morning.


checked & cleaned most connectors about a month ago as a preventative measure (!)


one thing i would like to know, in the nissan instructions for getting fault codes it says to short chc & ign pins together in diag socket, turn selector, remove then turn again.


on the link to TT zs in dallas web site, it just says turn selector, wait 2 secs then turn back.


why does nissan say to connect the 2 pins? is it necessary??



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Does sound like the PTY is a strong possibility. There are two ways of getting the ECU into diag mode, one is via the pot on the ECU, the other is by shorting the pins and turning the ignition on.

http://www.ttzd.com/tech/diagnostictech.html http://www.twinturbo.net/ttnetfaq/FAQpages/ECUdiagnostics.html





wsig1.gif Z32 technical article index

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Well not my repair as such, I was just following the instructions on the Aus site. However, I have had mixed sucess [read mostly poor!]. They are a bugger to repair.



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Guest BruceWard

I recently had my PTU go out. Very similar symptoms. Starter turns over but no spark in the plugs.


I ordered a new one from Courtesy Nissan in the US for $158 plus shipping. The US one costs less and lasts longer. They recalled the PTU's in the US and replaced them with a different model. The PTU from Courtesy comes with adapters to fit it.

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looks like deffo PTU


just taken the lid off, loose contact inside, resolderd & car runs ok now.


Gonna order new one anyway. does any of the uk specialists stock these or is it courtesy only??


if I order from Courtesy im prob gonna get the JWT popcharger cone filter from them. $120.

i asked about these before on here & someone said they may not fit without adapting them as the US AFM if slightly different.

anyone confirm this? is it still poss to fit as it is much cheaper than cone filters over here.

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I don't think the US AFM is different, but some cars have a kind of support bar which goes across below where the standard air filter is. On mine there isn't one and it's needed to support the splash guard for my filter, so I had to have a special bracket made up.

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Guest jvnewcomb1961

Mine did this and was the ignition pack.




"Polished on drive"


"Dirty at 156mph"


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John Newcomb (NukeEm)


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Guest andyduff

Andy, afaik the cross brace you are talking about is a brace for the top of the engine oil cooler - maybe its a UK thing... In fact it probably is a uk thing wink.gif





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Pete at SE told me that in their experience there was no rhyme nor reason to explain the presence of this bar. Apparently they have seen both UK and Jap spec from varying years with and without ... Anyway, for those that don't have it they make a bracket to support the air filter splash guard.

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Get the PTU from Courtesy - Nissan here want about £320 squids!!

I got mine and it arrived a day and a half after ordering which is quicker than Nissan anyway.


My Z had a K&N cone filter on when I got it but no sign of anything that could be called a splashguard. Does anyone have a picture?

I've just bought a new Blitz filter and don't want it to end up in the mucky mess that the K&N did. I have a small bracket that supports the K&N from underneath.

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