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Auto box coolers and engine oil coolers

Guest Jeff TT

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Guest Jeff TT

Hi chaps,

Made a few enquiries today concerning auto box coolers, with reference to Jap spec not having as much cooling as a UK spec car (ie only one side of the rad header rather than both sides as per UK car)


Speaking with a normal rad company they seem to think any 16, 19 or 25 row cooler of 1/2" bore dependant on space will do.He went on to say that MG midgets use a 16 row that is freely available for around £40! sound good so far?


Add a bit of piping and delete the existing rad connections (may help the engine temp also)surely £50 will do it.Now if so I am defo going to do it and will take some photo`s if anyone interested? the guy I spoke to was at a rad place in Birmingham but I would expect any rad place to do this.


Also looking at the engine oil cooler we all have, the right hand pipe contains a reducer ferral?? would removal of this make for a better flow?? this is in a Jap import so not sure on UK spec, could be worth trying maybe one of those daft tricks which will help keep the engine oil a bit cooler, seems odd Nissan fitted meduim sized bore pipes from the box to the cooler then went down two sizes? wonder if it`s Jap spec only?

any thoughts??


Stay Cool cool.gif



Jeff TT

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Guest jvnewcomb1961

Jaylox and I are after one each, he was going to look at a group buy but if you can supply and fit one for me. So much the better!





"Polished on drive"


"Dirty at 156mph"


Z first and anything else is secondary and live life a quarter mile at a time!

John Newcomb (NukeEm)


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My manual TT import does not have an oil cooler as standard (normal domestic spec, I believe) and I used http://www.thinkauto.com/ to provide the pieces. My garage has since used them also on other import upgrades, and we both agree their prices are good. The down side is that you need to work out/specify the parts, or get down to them (close to Twickenham) with your car.

Worth a look. Geoff


p.s. I know they provide oil cooler (& other) parts to a number of import tuners and importers around the country.


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