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NZR ICE question?

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Hi Guys,


Excuse my In Car Entertainment Naivity but I have never even fitted a stereo to a motor!!

Many questions, on the convertible I have the original Jap radio and CD Changer.


I have another CD changer and Radio from another car, the Cd Changer is a CDX 51 that I have to replace the original Sony one!

My question is will the more modern one jump less and have better sound quality than original Sony issue.


Secondly this CD changer has a seperate controll panel nothing to do with radio, would my new 2nd hand radio sony xr-c500rds still work with the old cd player.


This new radio has 4 x 35W output yet I only have two door speakers, do I just ignore the two further output wires, if I want to wire it in?



Do Bose still do a speaker that would fit in to the cubby hole below the radio?



What front speakers do people recommend and are there any rear speakers that would fit into the small space I have behind the seats?


And what is the weight of an european swallow?


Cheers Lads,



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Guest senna

We need to know more:


Is the swallow laden or unladen?




Bob's numero is in the contacts section and he is very clever - hell he probably can even answer the swallow question, if he cant Gio will be able to



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Hi Mark,

The new Sony you have sounds like it`s an FM Modulator set up so will work with any head unit, doesn`t have to be a Sony. The old one should plug in the back of the new Sony as long as it`s CD Changer compatable.


Speakers are down to budget, go with 6.25 in the front doors, either 2 way or components, rears will depend on space but wouldn`t bother with the front centre unless you want to add a 5.1 digital processor.


The European swallow weighs in at approx 400 grams but when flying over my car drops to 340 when it empties its bowels!!

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Head Units, Swallow another thread degraded to the depths of depravity!!!!


Cheers guys Bob the original cd changer has older style leads apparently so I presume I would have to chang em to work with the new unit? Would the newer unit give better sound and less jumping?



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