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a really big thankyou to johnny ,beryl and everyone who helped out today.

thanks from jason and joanne

to anyone who is thinking of using GPS,you will not find a better and more friendlier service,today i needed help advice and some parts installed,i got all of those with a bit of cheauffer driven service included.thanks very much mate and if i can ever return the favour then please feel free to ask.


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Guest Timmy_Turbo

Yep, I told the Smith Meister this the other day...if only companies could look after their customers aswell as Johnny and Smithy...well we can only hope for the rest eh?


REZPECT to the Ginger one! wink.gif







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hey bud,i'll tell you what!johnny didnt no me from ADAM,apart from a couple of conversations on the phone and a couple of orders from me,

1/johnny found out what problems i had with my car(consult)

2/showed me his new offices and introduced me too all his top mechanics

3/beryl took care of my girlfriend whilst i was with johnny sorting my car

4/he then got a friend to install my boost gauge/controller/and avc at a really good price

5/he then gave me and my girlfriend a lift into manchester to do some shopping whilst he was getting my work done on my car

6/ he then come and picked me and my lass up when the work was done(work was done in the middle of that thunder storm)


all this was done at no extra cost (but ill look after him as and when i can)

this guy is a m8 for life ive never been treated like that, even off my best mates


much respect to the ginger one!!!

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Its great to here other people are as pleased with the service thst the big man and his compodres give as i have been!! My car is currently at C&S Woods in Astley where Phil (Top Mechanic!) and Johnny are getting it sorted. If only every company gave every customer the same level of personal service that these boys give it would make owning a zed even better than it already is. Keep up the good work lads!


Just my pound notes worth!

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Ginger Bollocks is da man wink.gifAllways has looked after me, sends me stuff without even sending him cash first,No one will ever match his prices on Blitz gear.Down side HARD TO CONTACT ON PHONE frown.gif But with them prices I dont give a flying F*CK biggrin.gif.




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Excuse me but isn't this classed as promotional posting for the above mentioned business? You should all be charged a fee for this I reckon! This is bound to earn you further discounts which is unfair on the rest of the customers who will have to pay higher prices as a result wink.gif LOL


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