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Does anyone on here have a porter cable orbital buffer?

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I've got one, use it for valeting.

Not a porter cable, but same sort of thing, it's just

a brand name.

Occasionally use it for final polish, mainly for cutting

paint back really. You'll find using it for a final polish

will rip the heads to bits very quickly! They're very soft

and catch on almost anything.

Scewfix do a good selection of them & the heads & chemicals too.

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Oh I've had all that done and want to keep it that. Just had a 9hr detail on my new paintwork to try and get the best finish out of it as possible...see here. It was finished with EXP, so already has a good coat of sealant. Should last a good 6 months as the thing's not being used at the moment.




I just want to get some good detailing products to keep it that way.

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I've recently got some 'mothers' polish, find it very good.

Usually use meguirs or autoglym, can't really go wrong

with either imo.

Your paintwork looks nice btw, meguirs detailing spray

would be ideal for you, to keep it looking tip-top in between



Cheers pal.


Yeah, wouldn't mind getting some detailing spray as the car never really gets dirty. A quick clean then a wipedown with that stuff would save time AND swirls.

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Yes - I've got one and also sell these.


Absolute king of polishers IMHO. Haven't got any in at the moment so would suggest you get one from Autopia as they are by far the best priced and quickest with deliveries.


Don't forget to get a 750mVa transformer (230-110V). I got one for about £60 from MachineMart.



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Maybe we could arrange a group buy in the new year. :)


Not sure how many would be interested. Not sure there are that many on here as obsessed about paint clarity as me. I know they did a GB over on detailingworld, but think that's now ended.

I would be interested in a group buy if it will bring the price down a bit :)

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I'd be happy to organise a GB in the new year. I'll diarise it for the second week of January and we'll see what can be done.


I recently made contact with a firm who supply these Porter Cable polishers with a host of Sonus pads, etc. Cracking price for the lot and it gives you an immediate staring point without having to shop around for various bits and pieces.





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