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Watercooled PC's

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Just finished water cooling my PC just wondered if any of you guys have it and what temps youre getting and how noisey


Specs for mine are


Zalman Reserator , which runs into a 120mm rad just before the CPU, fan runs at 6v very silent, CPU water block AMD 4800x2 then into a VRM water block then into both Northbridge water blocks (Asus A8N32SLI Deluxe motherboard runs dual 16x PCI rails) then into 2 Harddrive water coolers, back into another 120mm rad running 6v fan then into both GPU water blocks ( Dual 7800GT's), then back out to the reserator .. i run a constant temp (running all day) of 37 degrees C on the cpu and 48 degrees C on the Graphics cards


i got to admit this is a very silent setup


hows that sound? any tips or ideas to get the GPU's cooler?



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just wait till it leaks = bang! Buzz! lol


i only use air cooling, 8 fans running on about 5v with a fan controller, you cant hear them at all


i cant use that many fans .. this is eventualy going in the Zed as the carputer once ive finished making a dedicated power supply and bugger me is it causing problems :rofl:

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blimey mate you seem to know your PC inside out! my gfx card (X850XT) 'idles' at 85 degrees.


id sort ur fan out bud .. im suprised you havnt cooked the board .. im not a tech head when computers are involved .. its trial and error .. and the web is a great resource for seeing other peoples mistakes :rofl:

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Even using distilled water doesnt always work.


The water still gets shitty. :(


Every fan and heat sink on my computer has been upgraded for silent ones.


Graphics temp is about 55ºC idle and 70-75ºC under load.


CPU has never gone over 55ºC, even with the fan on its lowest setting.

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