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Applying a rear apron

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Sikaflex on it's own would probably be fine - but I would rivet as well, - plus I assume there is some smoothing-in/filling to do as well right?


Does it have any fixing point so that it can be screwed from the rear (so to speak - ooh er missus!) :rofl:


What about the supplier - can they advise you?





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Use a bonding sealer as suggested but it,s best to bond the skirt on without trying to get the sealer neat on the edge where it meets the bumper.

Put plenty around the bumper slightly lower than the swage line that the skirt fits into , fit the skirt pressing it evenly onto the bonding so it spreads out , if any excess squeezes out the upper edge which is seen wash it off using panel wipe , using a good sticky tape such as duck tape , tape the skirt tightly to the bumper, leave it for a day , take the tape off .

Now you can seal the edge that is seen , put a bead of sealer along the top edge and using your thumb ( with rubber gloves on of course , this stuff sticks too and staines skin very well ) run your thumb around the joint squeezing the sealer into the remaining gaps , now using a rag soaked in panel wipe wash off any excess sealer and finish off using your thumb again with the soaked rag streched tightly over it until you have a very neat sealer line which is smooth and ready to accept paint , don,t forget any little blemishes that are seen in the sealer will show up alot more with paint on.

Don,t forget to degrease your bumper first though :smash: HTH

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