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HICAS and N/A's

Guest wozzer

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I believe the VN/A doesn't have HICAS so converting it will be very expensive/time consuming hence not worth the cost or effort.


I acually like the HICAS on my TT but some say it is better without.


If you have an N/A then I wouldn't bother retro fitting it.....


Richard :)

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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I've never heard of someone fitting HICAS to a NA, but plenty of TT's remove it. I driven Zeds that have had HICAS removed, & I much prefer it.



NA do not come with HICAS, i have a TT with no HICAS and it feels so much better. If you are concidering adding a HICAS system to a NA, i wouldn't bother. Just not worth it.

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Nissan technicians were originally quoted as saying that the real benefits of HICAS are only felt above 120mph!....And that they were happy with the handling of the standard car without it.

So unless you tend to drive at quite high speeds everywhere or live in Germany on the Autobahns, it won't be worth fitting!



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ok thank's guy's .......


the thing is i have a TT shell with no engine and no gearbox..the hicas is still on ...


so i was thinking N/A engine with TT manuel gearbox and N/A diff with the hicas...?????


as i want the car for the Nurbergring.....




I'm i just mad...... :rofl:



thank's wozzer



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Sorry to say but you wont get the N/A diff to fit the TT subframe, you might be able to modify the N/A subframe so you can mount the hicas ram but then whats the point in haveing the N/A diff for a curcuit, I would have thought that the TT would have a better top end ratio anyway.

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