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New Christmas Plan


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Saturday 2'nd December


A three fold event at


Basildon Festival Leisure Park


1. Bowling at 3pm


2. Meal at 5pm any of the Restaurants in the are there's loads to choose from indian to american to pizza.


3. Few drinks from 8pm in one of the bars then onto one of the clubs to party the night away.


Everything will be at Festival leisure park and all venues are a 30 second walk from each other.


Turn up for just one or for all three events. the only one I will need numbers for is bowling to book the lanes up.


There is a Holiday Inn and a travel Lodge on site if you want to drink but cant get home unless your driving.

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Guest lets drift

Would love to have come only that day I'll be driving from Rotherham to near Oxford for the Girlracer Christmas Do.


Hope everyone has a great time :)

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Got thrown out and banned from chicago's :rofl: but that was a couple years ago so should be ok now if decide to go there, birds are a bit better in there than Diva's as well:rofl: But whole idea sounds good to me :dance:


I think everyone has been kicked out of chicagos at some point .. me included :rofl: :rofl:


i'll make the bowling but not the eve as im out celebrating :dance:

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Would love to come but I am stranded in Fulham that day. Have a drink for me :duffer:


Maybe we should organise a rival do in west london, I am just south of fulham!




















































:tongue: Only Kidding

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just saw this today,


lets just all go out in leigh, get a curry and hammered, russ can bring one of his crazy freinds and we can debate whether or not we are going into a strip club or not and end up back in the grand for a good old fashioned xmas punch up :D



Maybe a few years ago fella, you'll end up doing it on your own I'm afraid. Like my bowling on saturday. :cry:

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