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Very tThankfull for my new brakes

Guest lets drift

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Guest lets drift

I had a nastie scare today. I had agreed to pick up a friends daughter from the dentist and take her back to school not a diffucult task I'm sure you would agree.


All was going fine untill a bus coming in the opposite direction for some strandge reason made a sudden stop. The rover following it was far too close to stop. I heard the brakes and saw it swing out wide to avoid hitting the now stoped bus. The Rover came skidding straight at me. The young girl in my car screamed and hid her face in her hands as I performed a emengency stop. The Large BMW behind me only just managed to stop good job he was watching. I thought my Zed as about to be sandwiched between the two of them. I know had this had happened with my old brakes I would not have been able to stop and would have hit the Rover.


I just wish people would stop tailgating.


Good job I was only doing 40mph as well.


All the poor kid kept saying was 'Did it hit us'

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Guest Coopers-SWB

Have finally got my bremdo R33 calipers. All I need now is the money for the disks, braided hose and pads. Then I can get them fitted and be able to stop as well.



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Guest lets drift
CheerZ, Brand new ?

How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking ? PM me if you wish and don't want to post it up

Will dig out the receipts and pm you later this evening :)

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