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Expansion tank probs

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Evening all

My rad doesnt seem to be drawing coolant back when it cools. The expansion tank often overflows slightly after driving and when it is cold, the level in the rad is rather low. I top it up before every drive and the level in the rad is always the same, be it a 10 min trip to the shops or 150miles to the girlfriends.

I think my HD is on its way out as I have combustion gasses in the coolant, but no water in the oil or oil in the water. :rolleyes:

Could it be something as simple as the rad cap or is it more expensive?! :wack:



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i think my expansion tank is bust so my mate is going to look at it today. easy is this to get to, i think he is going to be stripping the wing down. possibly a plastic weld on it or something

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