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19" wheels, front off set please

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AS above, I need to know exactly what off set you guys are running with 19" wheels, and if they rub etc..My son bought me a set with 20 offset on the fronts. 19x8.5 20 offset


Will they fit? I ask because without tyres they look a bit close, and if I fit tyres I cant exchange them...




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I have offered the wheel up (without tyre) and the clearance to the arch is not too bad, its the clearance to the inner wing liners etc when steering that looks worse.


Trouble is its not so bad that I "know" they will not fit, but neither is it so easy to see that I "know" they will fit. I have measured until the cows come home but am really no nearer making my mind up.


Hence, my hope that someone does have some 20 offsets fitted and can give me a straight answer. One chap on here says he has 10 offset and that they are ok. But I cant PM him to ask.


Sorry for going on guys.

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you say youve offered the wheel up, did you have the jack back under the suspension arm so that the wheel would be in its normal running position ??


you could also try working out the profile of the tyre sizes your going to fit, cutting a template section from cardboard and sticking it to the wheel in the areas youve got concerns with it aint gonna be 100% but should show if the tyres going to foul.

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