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Timmy, Simon & all the other members - & the total unknowns from Jap Mag.

Guest harve

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Guest harve

Hi to you all, -

Timmy, ring Iain for my number -

Simon glad to see you got your water pipes back, (see what i mean)? if you can also get hold of my number-i'll tell you what to do next mate :-)Contact Craig,Tony,Mac1,etc etc.


Other members? & people who have given me an

explosion of unreadable mails from yourselves - my MAIL is fubar, i can only see sender not txt & at this time, i cant reply, virus is still on l/top & after putting fist into l/top im waiting for a new screen too :-(


This old piece of shitastic '386' hashed to the net cant handle it! So be paitent please.


Here's hoping that you pop on to our site as advertised in mag!


Ross Harvey



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Guest harve

Rob & Wendy Hi,

Its having all new gubin's when screen arrives, Then i will go to (pc cillin') & get as much titainium armour as they have.

Oh dear horse has gone better shut door syndrome '''DOH'''.

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Yep, shut the door LOL. And don't punch the screen again!! It costs a lot of money!! LOL What kind of connection are you on? If you are on a broadband connection, get yourself onto www.grokster.com download a small piece of software and it enables Peer To Peer sharing very similar to Morpheus ect.


This is where you can download software for free, and it usually comes with a crack/patch to fully activate it.


Something to keep in mind.




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Guest Timmy_Turbo

Harve mate, will get your number from the Mac Monster and give you a call.


PC Cyllin? Ask Iain about how good it is? Hmmmm.


Get Norton Anti-Virus instead, much, much better bud! wink.gif





[This message has been edited by Timmy_Turbo (edited 20-04-2002).]

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Harve DONT INSTALL PC-CILLIN Its SHIT mad.gif,I updated mine all the time and I got a virus from Vijay,PC-Cillin did not detect it,Norton is the way to go, got mine from top man Glen this Norton takes the piss out of any antivirus software I have ever seen wink.gif.




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