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Which exhaust???

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Single exit! Sounds soooo much better!


He's right you know!!! I've just done mine nd the V6 sound is phenominal!! The problem your gonna have kirbz is if you go for the twin set up you will be restricting your gas free flow ever so slightly because when it reaches the back box and although straight through, the gas then has to change direction and split into a Y formation, so it gets to a point's where at speed when hits the Y and splits down which ever route it can it can be slowing down the gas flow output increasing back pressusre...


You wanna have a fast output flow from the turbo's all the way down the exhaust pipe to the back boxs and then at the end get of the pipe get rid of the gas as quickly as possible using a large bore silencer to create a venturi effect...


I've noticed quiet a big difference in the way my car pulls now and especially so from 4000rpm all the way up to 7564RPM hitting the rev limiter just by hacking off my old Mongoose back boxes and fitting straight through 3" silencers.... It's well worth doing.... See my link down the bottom... I'm gonna go for another rolling road session again soon cause i'm 100% convinced it's gained more torque and power, everyone that's been in my car since have asked what else i've done to the engine to give it more grunt, which is nothing, just the silencers...


The other problem you have is normally with a twin back box, they are a few kg heavier than having just a single exit with pipe... My old Mongoose back boxes which i've just ditched weighed in at a whopping 11kg each!!! My new custom made ones are only 4kg each with the tail pipe and remember boys and girls that weight kills acceleration!!! :D


Hope you get something sorted that works for you dude but please don't get a twin back box set up as is not gonna be right for you especially with the power your gonna be running... It would just strangle the power...



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Guest pimpdroopycock
Well having a new exhaust made up but not sure to go the normal twin setup or go for something like the pentroof 300zx??


What exhaust is this in the picture, it's exactly the sort that i've been looking for, do you know where I could get a price for one?

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Thats what the rush is for.


Well Mike have you got an engine hoist I can borrow?


X flow with 2 straight through singles. Sounds and looks the part.


just by chance thats what I have.


I will have once my enine is back in mate and your welcome to borrow it ;)


After long and intensive chat with leon we have made a decision and its gonna sound mental :cool:


Ive gone for a single exit exhaust purely to help with the flow of gas's so a 4 inch system it is :nana2:


He's also doing a few other bits and bobs for me ;)



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What exhaust is this in the picture, it's exactly the sort that i've been looking for, do you know where I could get a price for one?


not sure what make but poss a pentroof's own made up one but its actually a proper twin each side so twin back box's with seperate pipework etc to the front :cool:


it does sound nice but not suitable for what im doing



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