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Time to go

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Well friends it time for me to move on.After 5 years and 6 Zs things have changed for me,its been a pleasure to of been involved with this club, and over the years to of meet some great people,and real mates that have gone out of there way to help.

Theres been highs and lows and then highs of Z ownership.Its been an experience I would not of missed,to say its kept me busy and on me toes would be an understatement!.Lately though I feel that the spark for me has died somewhat,reasons include my age,the Z scene in general,Donna’s illness earlier in the year,and I must admit I have slowed down.Since owning again my present Z that I first had in 2002 I have only done 700 miles,most of the time its washed and polished sitting in the garage with a cover over it! Its not meant for that,that’s for sure.I will not be getting another,I was up for getting a GTR for my 50th birthday but to be honest if the buzz or interest stays away then I doubt if I will bother.At this time I am looking for a Audi A8.I will pop back now and again and still pop over to the Pod,but with a combination of things its time to call it a day,so that’s it,the Z is up for sale,hope who ever gets it will have great pleasure and excitement that I have had owning these cars over last few years.Tony :(

Details here http://300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=81021

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Gutted for you Tone, hopefully i'll catch you down at the Pod someday. You know after about 6 months you'll buy a GTR don't you?? you wont be able to resist.


All the best fella :cool:

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Sad to see bud, You have my number, im only 30 mins away, it would be good to keep in touch and see you at the 'spiritual' home again soon mate!! (thats the pod BTW lol)


Take care dooooooooode



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