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rattel on tickover

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Guest colincatchpole

You sure it's not a stuck lifter? These engines are prone to them.

I had a rattle at idle that went away when revved or when I turned the engine off and on again a couple of times.

I convinced myself it was anything other than what I really knew it was cos' I new how much work it would be to sort it!

Done now though! Did it myself and job not as bad as I thought.

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Ayup Sean , could be your VVT springs , they tend to weaken with age and cause a rattle on tickover , can be heard at the top of the engine , if it is, it,s not a big job and the springs are only £1.75 each from nissan HTH bud :hyper:


all right alan if it was thos id not be as consernd as i am

sounds lower down daft as it sounds could be alternator

got to work and thats wen i herd it thor crank was trying to get out

pritty shure it crank pulley rattleing wen it dose it rev it up stops then it can take a couple of mins to start rattleing again :cry:

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