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Help me quick before I set my car on fire!!!!

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FFS, I just went to get the dipstick out and its fooking stuck.


I didnt take it out when I took all the sump off when I did my oil pump. I just left it in there, didnt erally look like it was in the way.


Is there any reason why it would jam. I can only pull it about 1/2 inch. I tried turning it to all angles and things...


Really really dont wanna take the sump off again, I think I may just burn it all. :mad: :headvswal :smash: :wack: :x: :nelson: :nono:

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Just read it, isnt there anyway around it, lol. I really dont wanna do all that work again. I never really noticed anything that it could get stuck on. Guess I didnt take much notice as I didnt relise it would get fooking stuck.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my luck just totally sucks on this car.

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This will go against all advice but !!


1. Yes, you have jammed the dipstick, pretty sure it must be removed before you put the sump back on.


2. Give it a good old fooking yank !!

The end bit will fall off, and go down into the bottom of the sump.


3. If you are lucky, like my mate who done the exact same thing 2 years ago,

it should be safe to stay in the bottom of the sump as its quite heavy.


He has done over 5000 miles since then, and he isnt the sort who hangs about, and has had no problems.

But theres always a chance that it just may !!


Think the sump has a plate with holes in it, so it may just catch it before it does any damage.


Always a risk tho.



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LOL, reminds me of the time I gave a workmate a hand installing a diff in a four axle tipper. It was a bit of a coont and took a while to line up and go in anyway with him between the chassis and balancing it on a trolley jack supported with his Knees it went in and i bolted it up. He went to stand up and landed on his arse. his overalls were caught between the diff and axle. :D :D he just asked for scissors and cut holes out the overalls rather than going through the hastle of refitting the diff

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