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Chevy swap

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A few questions for MantaV8. Starting to sort the job out in my head now.

The drivers side exhaust manifold looks like it's going to be a bit tight as the steering shaft is in the way. Did you use the standard type shortie headers, or make the manifold up from scratch?


Notice you've got a bonnet bulge, did you need that for clearance on the filter?


What's the clearance like between the clutch master cyl and the back of the rocker cover? Can't see from your pics how close it all is back there, but from my rough measuring it looks like the rocker cover and the cylinder are going to touch.


Thanks for now.

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1.Manifolds and system was custom made in stainless mate,did make a couple of sh!tty ones myself to get an mot!

2.I got the lump as low as possible,any more and the crank would hit the x-member LOL!-I think injection would overcome this or it's a bulge I'm afraid!

3. I had around 1/2 inch clearance using the nissan M/cylinder and Edelbrock covers,HTH,


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Cheers Daz. Just realised you've just sold yours. Good luck with whatever you do next.

Alan, that 1.5 inches, was that lower than one of those drop base air filters, or the flat bottomed type?


Lower than the standard filter, as fitted to the 4bbl Rochester.


The one I was measuring was from a 79 Camaro.


The TPI I was measuring was in my 85 Vette.



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