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well got the car back!!!

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well finally found my Z it was about 5 miles from where it got pinched right in the woods down a gravel footpath where its pitch black with nothing but a few farm houses around. After the police phoned I went to little daves (elmo) and we took his wheels off and went down to find it. When we eventually found it the police were already there.

The car was on bricks, the wheels have gone, the cd player (cheap ebay one)has gone, my famous skull gearknob has gone and one of the worst things is they have taken the blitz boost controller and power meter, the silly thing is they are no use without the wiring and the solenoid valve so they cant do anything with them.

The front bumper has a few cracks where they have been down the gravel paths, the back bumper is grazed, the door lock is bust, and the ignition barrel and plastic surrounds have been torn out.

Its gone off on the back of a recovery truck to get finger printed in the morning and i should be able to have it back tomorrow afternoon.


I know it sounds bad but it could have been so much worse, they could have kicked every panel in and popped the windows if they wanted to or even set it on fire.

At least i got my car back and with a bit of paint and a new set of wheels she will be lookin good as new again.


I would like to thank u all for your concern its nice to know theres so many people behind you when you have had a right kick in the nuts.

Thanks to Neil and stella for offering me standard wheels and i would have taken you up on it but sadly they wont fit on over my big brakes.


If you see the fridge running around on 4 spacesaver's dont laugh :)

Thank you again for your support


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So g;ad you got it back mate.

Sorry to hear about the things that have gone missing but like you said it could have been much worse, i think ill keep my eyes open for anyone selling the wheels though

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Datascan, Conzult, ECUTalk and a few others

I have all the rare bits you can't find :tongue::tongue:


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