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speed reading to ecu

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>> Question: Does anyone know if this would affect mapping or anything ?

>> Doesn't the ecu need to know what gear your in (by speed input?), and if so would this affect performance ?


it will affect performance, as the ecu uses the speed signal to do some *fine tuning* at different speeds and it's also one of the parameters the ecu uses to determine if the VTC system needs to be used or not.


A missing speed signal will also have a great affect on the HICAS, autobox (if you have one) and powersteering.

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Its a strange one, my speedo works but i figure the signal is lost somewhere onto the ecu.

Car started life as a auto but now manual with hicas removed.

Car dosen't like going pass 6,500 revs, dies competely for a second (just before i'm about to change gear, if im driving hard), but much sooner in 5th.

Boost to .9 bar with lots of aftermarket chips but fine with jwt !?

Was wondering if this is my problem.

Think the best thing is just to find the wire/s in question ?

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Maybe your car suffers from a "budget" speed delimiter, where they've just cut the speeds signal wire on the ecu connector.


and..yes, the rpmlimit also depends on the speed signal.


there are 2 rpm-limits, one for standing still and one for driving.

the one for standing still is normally not changed in most aftermarket chips and left at approx. 5700 rpm.


JWT seems to have changed it in some of their chips and both limits are set to the same value.

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